Valetta Table Top Fireplace

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Valetta Table Top Fireplace

The Valetta Table Top Fireplace is a stunningly simple fireplace which can be placed anywhere but goes particularly well on top of a glass table.

valetta bio ethanol fireplace

Features and Specifications

Made from grade A powder coated steel this Bio Ethanol fireplace comes in a neutral Taupe colour. It has great heat resistant properties meaning you can place it on any stable surface even a glass table without fear or it getting marked or damaged by the heat.

Size and Weight

Measuring 1000mm x 600mm x 215mm it is a good size at one metre long and will make a stunning centrepiece for any table, just make sure your coffee table isn't too small!

Weighing 20kg it is substantial but not so substantial that it can't be moved from one table top to another with relative ease.

Heat Output

This fireplace can give up to 2.8kw of heat from it's 1.5 litre capacity burner which can happily burn fro up to 6 hours on its lower flame setting which uses 0.25 litres of fuel an hour.

Additional Accessories

When you buy this fireplace you will also get 2 heat resistant glasses, as well as a fuel funnel, the fuel burner kit and a tool which you can use to manage and turn off the flames.

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