The Roma II Bio Fireplace

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The Roma II Review

The Roma II is a uncomplicated yet beautiful premium fireplace which brings a timeless warming glow to any room.

Roma II bio fireplace

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Features and Specifications

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use this fireplace measures 840mm x 400mm x 215mm so will comfortably fit into a small room while still having the capacity to heat up a very large room if needs be.

It's adjustable flames mean that you can set the heat output at an appropriate level,up to 2.8kw,  for the size of your room whether it is a tiny box room or a huge ballroom.

With a 1.5 litre fuel capacity burner it can comfortably burn for 6 hours on a low setting where it should use about 0.25 litres of fuel per hour. This is significantly longer than many lower quality bio ethanol fireplaces can last.

Weighing 60kg it is not the most easily manoeuvrable of fireplaces, however should you wish to relocate it it is manageable with two people. However given that one of it's great features is it's generously sized mantelpiece (which, should you be interested, measures 1190mm x 380mm) you may not be too keen on moving it about once you have filled the mantelpiece with your candles and family pictures!


This fireplace doesn't take safety lightly either with an extra thick stainless steel lid for well controlled flames and heat management. It has also been extensively laboratory tested and is TUV approved (TUV are a German organisation that provides extensive product inspection and certifications).

Additional Accessories

This bio ethanol fireplace comes with:

  •  2 heat resistant glass panels
  • Flame extinguisher tool
  • Fuel funnel
  • Instruction manual

Special Features

The Roma II includes a built in fragrance diffuser which you can add special fragrance oils to to give your fire the authentic smell of whatever you fancy...within reason. A few examples of some flavours available are:

  • Log Cabin
  • Cinammon Spices
  • Green Tea
  • Wood Fire
  • Vanilla
  • Blackberry

Many many more flavours are also available and are part of what makes the Roma II a great choice!