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The Muenkel Prism Bio Ethanol Fire Review

If this Bio Ethanol fireplace was a car it’d be a Rolls Royce. Built to the highest specs and with all kinds of great features included this is a premium fireplace which spares no expense on luxury.

muenkel prism bio ethanol fireplace

Features and Specifications

Made from stainless steel this Bio Ethanol fireplace is available in pure white, black, gray, rust effect or even gold leaf (available by special request) powder coating. These can be finished in either matt or brushed effect.

Featuring 6mm safety glass on the left and right sides which covers the entire side openings and an additional removable piece of 6mm safety glass in the front space covering 20cm of space with the remainder of the frontage open allowing the heat to escape into your room.

The side windows measure 60cm x 21cm and allow for lots of light from the fire to escape and be visible from anywhere in your room.

The burning chamber is 60cm x 32cm so there is plenty of space to accommodate even the biggest of flames.

Weighing 85kg this is an extremely heavy fireplace, although it doesn’t require any fittings or fixtures to get it up and going it is too heavy to be regularly moved about, so decide carefully where you want to put it before installation. If you are looking for a bio ethanol fireplace which can easily be moved from room to room then this definitely isn’t the fireplace for you!

This Muenkel Prism Bio Ethanol fireplace is suited for both outdoor and indoor use, some colour variations such as the rust effect (shown below) look great on an outdoor patio, however for most people in the UK you would get far more value out of it by having it indoors as you won’t have to abandon it every time it rains!

muenkel prism bio ethanol fireplace rust effect

With fuel storage capacity of 2.2 litres this bio ethanol fireplace can burn for up to 9 hours when the tank is full and the flame is set low. Even if the flame is set at it’s highest it will still  burn for 4.5 hours before your 2.2 litres of fuel is used up. It will give out between 1-3kw of heat per hour depending on the size of the flame, this is equivalent to a two bar heater or a radiator.

*Please be aware that this bio ethanol fireplace works only with liquid ethanol and not gel ethanol - the recommended fuel for this model is Gala Ethanol*

Fireplace Safety Features

This fireplace does not skimp on safety features. It features a system which prevents deflagration when igniting - this basically means that when you light the fuel it won’t go ‘whoosh’ and flare up immediately in a massive and dangerous flame but rather the ignition is controlled, gradual and most importantly safe!

It is also designed in a way which prevents what is known as ‘slop over’, this means that the flames cannot poke out of the combustion chamber, so there is minimal danger of them setting anything on fire. However we still recommend that you install this fire with a safe distance of at least one metre from any combustible items.

It also features a micro pore system which controls the airflow and precise amount of fuel that is fed into the combustion chamber leading to highly effective combustion which will help you get more economy out of your fuel.

Another great safety feature is its mechanical ignition system which allows you to flick a switch to light the bio ethanol. This avoids having to reach into the combustion chamber to light the fireplace.

Our Final Word on The Muenkel Prism Bio Ethanol Fireplace

If you are looking for a high end luxury bio ethanol fireplace which is built with painstaking attention to safety then you can’t go wrong with this model. I would recommend this for families with children where safety is critical, as always please be aware that children should never be left alone with any fire.

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Our Ranking

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