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The Mini Basket Bio Ethanol Fire Insert For Redundant Fire Places - Review

This cute little fireplace insert is perfect for anyone who has an small redundant fireplace in their home who wants the warmth and cosiness of real flames in it without the expense of opening up and clearing the chimney.

Mini Basket Bio Ethanol Fire Insert For Redundant Fire Places

However you must be aware that if you are purchasing it to put it into a pre-existing fireplace then ensure that your fireplace has been thoroughly fireproofed and there are no flammable objects nearby (for example plasterboard above it).

You should board up your chimney with fireproof material before installing this fireplace as this will keep the heat in your room rather than it all disappearing up the with all bio ethanol fires you do not need to worry about a vent as no toxic fumes or smoke are created from bio ethanol fuels.

It is also important to note that this fire runs only on liquid bio ethanol fuel and will not run on gels.

This mini basket comes with a pattern engraved sliding lid which has a fragrance diffuser in it for use with scented ethanol oils as well as a flame extinguisher and a mini coal set.

Heat Output

You can expect to get from 2 to 2.5 kw of heat per hour from this unit depending on how high you turn the flame up, this is roughly equivalent to what you would get from a two bar electric fire. When the flames are set at their lowest setting you can expect to get 4 hours of burning time.

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Our Ranking

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