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The Madrid Deluxe Bio Ethanol Gel Fireplace

The German made Madrid Deluxe Bio Ethanol Fireplace is available in 9 different colours, my personal favourite is the Granite Dark shown below as this has a classic iron stove look to it.

madrid deluxe bioethanol fireplace

This fireplace is available in black, white, red, oak, cherry, granite dark, granite light, nature (this looks like pine) and nut colours. The large array of available styles mean that this fireplace can be made to suit a wide range of rooms from a traditional victorian sitting room to a modern kitchen or studio apartment.

It is designed to be a floor sitting unit so cannot be wall mounted.

Many of the cheaper Bio Ethanol fireplaces can look a bit naff when the flames aren’t on but this fireplace manages to retain a good quality look even when the flames aren’t lit despite being towards the cheaper end of the market.

The unit is made from spruce wood or medium density fibre board (depending on which colour variant you purchase).

Heat Output

As I say on most of my reviews Bio Ethanol fires are often more of a decorative and stylistic fire than a heat giving fire, however once again many users report that this fireplace throws out a lot of heat. One user commented that it easily heats the entire ground floor of his open plan house to the point where people were complaining that it was too hot!


Thanks to the fact that it is constructed from Spruce or MDF this bio ethanol fireplace is much lighter than it looks. Weighing only 22kg, again it is heavy enough to not be easily manoeuvred or knocked over by over excitable kids or pets but not so heavy that a couple of people can’t quickly and easily move it over to another room if required.


At 60cm wide, 76 cm high and 30 cm deep the dimensions of this fireplace are similar to that of a traditional stove. It is also no so big that it will over dominate but should fit nicely into any room even if it is particularly small.

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Our Ranking

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