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Imagin Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Review

This stylish white Bio Ethanol fireplace by Imagin is perfect for the modern home. With it’s sleek curved edges it will fit perfectly into any contemporary lounge making a great centre piece.

imagin merlot white bioethanol

It can be placed directly on the floor, even on a carpeted floor (though this is not advised) as the bottom does not heat up at all. Or it can be mounted on the legs which are provided or it can be fixed to the wall with the provided fixtures.

Heat Output

As with most Bio Ethanol fireplaces their function is often more about creating a great centre piece than creating loads of heat however this Bio Ethanol fire does seem to create a substantial amount of heat with many reviewers stating that it more than adequately heated rooms as big as 5m x 7m.

This fire will burn through one litre of bio ethanol fuel in around three hours.


This Imagin Bio Ethanol fireplace weighs 17kg. This is weighty enough to prevent it being easily shunted around by any over zealous kids or pets but also light enough to make it easy for two people to carry from room to room if your family get comfortable in the kitchen and you want to bring the fire in there for the evening.

The relatively low weight means you can wall mount it if you choose using the fittings that come with it. Just ensure that the fixtures are correctly installed by a professional as a lit fire falling off the wall would obviously be extremely dangerous!

*Please note that the full shipping weight of this item is 22kg as it includes fixtures and packaging, so please ensure that you take care when handling it.*


This bio ethanol fire is 80cm wide, 20cm deep and 40 cm tall not including the legs. This is about the width of a typical open chimney fireplace so it will not look out of place sat on a fireplace surround.

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Our Ranking

We ranked this fireplace # in our list of the best Bio Ethanol Fires. See the full list here.

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