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The Horus Zen Bio Ethanol Fireplace

The Horus Zen is a outstanding fireplace for any buyer who is looking for a high end statement piece to finish your lounge.

horus zen bio ethanol fireplace in lounge

The centre piece of this fireplace is made up of a generous arrangement of white stones which surround the flames.

The generous size of this fireplace means that the extreme ends of it can safely be used for storage, with plenty of room for plants or ornaments to be safely placed on it without fear of them setting on fire.

The black backdrop makes the flames clearly stand out as they appear to rise up out of the white stones.

This fireplace is designed to be wall mounted however it can also be placed on the floor if required, but for the best effect and to get the most out of it’s stunning visuals we recommend that you get it mounted on a wall.

Heat Output

With a tank capacity of two litres this bio ethanol fireplace can pump out some serious heat - up to 5kws per hour, depending on how high you set the flame.

On the lowest setting the Horus Zen will consume 0.28 liters of fuel per hour meaning that your two liters of fuel should last for almost 7 hours, significantly longer than most bio ethanol fireplaces will last.

Dimensions & Weight

Clearly this is a large fireplace, however it is perhaps not quite as large as it may look in the photographs as the short height of it makes the width look longer than it is.

horus zen bioethanol fireplace

It measures 120cm wide, 45cm high and 34cm deep. This is roughly the same length as most traditional hearths which you will find around a typical chimney opening.

Weighing 28kg it is a very substantial fireplace which will require strong wall fixtures to keep it well secured, if you are not sure how to fit it correctly please get a professional to install it, the last thing you want to do it try and attach it into plasterboard!

Also because of the significant weight this is not the type of fireplace that can easily be moved from room to room, once you have decided where you are going to put it that it where it should stay!

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Our Ranking

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