Will a Bio Ethanol Fireplace Sufficiently Heat My Room?

This is a question that we hear a lot of as many people believe that Bio Ethanol heaters exist purely as decorative features. However if you ask anyone who has ever owned one they will tell you otherwise, they can do a very effective job of comfortably heating a good sized room, in fact a Bio Ethanol fireplace should have equivalent output to any electric fireplace of a similar size.

Obviously the amount of heat a room will require to be sufficiently warm will vary significantly depending on the size of the room and how well it is insulated.

How Much Heat Does Your Room Need?

A simple way to work out how much heat you will need from your fire to sufficiently heat your room is to measure the dimensions of your room in feet. Then do the following sum:

(Room height x room length x room width)/500 = the amount of Kw per hour required to comfortably heat your room.

If your room is well insulated (with double glazing and cavity wall insulation) you can divide your rooms dimensions by 650 instead of 500 as the heat from your fireplace will be contained better in a well insulated room.

Unless your lounge resembles an Edwardian ball room you should find that there are plenty of Bio Ethanol fireplaces available which will heat your room more than adequately!

A top tip for ensuring that you get the most out of your fire is to make sure that if you do have an unused chimney in your lounge that you seal it up with fireproof material so that you don't lose heat up it.