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The Deluxe Riviera Bio Ethanol Fireplace Review

Deluxe in name but not in price, the very reasonably priced Deluxe Riviera Bio Ethanol Fireplace combines simplicity with elegance. It’s powder coated steel facade comes in four different colour options; black, white, red or silver (as shown in the image below).

deluxe riviera bioethanol fireplace

Ideally this unit should be wall mounted however it can also be put on the floor providing it is placed on a heat resistant surface, however we recommend that you don’t place it on the floor as this unit is very light so can easily be knocked over.


For a fairly small unit this does an impressive job of heating a room and can happily heat up to 25 square meters of space quite comfortably. While it may not keep you toasty warm in the middle of a fierce winter chill it will certainly make your home significantly more comfortable when the cold creeps in.


Weighing only 8kg this bio ethanol fireplace is surprisingly light, however this is because it is specifically designed to be wall mounted. Weighing only 8kg means that it can be mounted fairly easily in most walls, please ensure though that you do not mount in plasterboard but make sure that you mount it in your walls studs. If you’re not sure how to do this consult a professional.

Because it is so light, as we previously mentioned, it is not a great idea to keep it on the floor as it can easily be knocked over which could be very dangerous if the fire was lit at the time.


Measuring 21cm deep x 60cm wide x 42 cm high this is a fairly small unit which should easily fit into most small rooms without taking up too much space.

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