About Ceramic Wool

About Ceramic Wool

Anyone who is familiar with Bioethanol fires with be familiar with ceramic wool, however if you have only recently begun looking into purchasing a bioethanol you may be wondering why ceramic wool is routinely sold with them.

a thick roll of ceramic wool

Ceramic wool is one of the best materials for safely handling hot materials without fear of it setting alight. In fact it is routinely used to handle and shape molten metals, this is because it is capable of handling temperatures of over 1000°C.

What is Ceramic Wool?

Also known as high temperature insulation wool or Kaowool, ceramic wool is made from raw mineral materials which give it it's incredible heat resistance properties. Because of it's high temperature resistance it is perfect for insulating against intense heat, and has been used for centuries in handling and shaping hot liquid metals.

Why is Ceramic Wool Used in Bioethanol Fires?

This is why ceramic wool is used in many bioethanol fireplaces, it creates a thermal barrier between the flammable fuel and the naked flame, preventing fuel from getting overheated and bursting into flames before it is meant to.

Most bioethanol fireplaces will come with ceramic wool pre-installed but it is always worth checking that it is there because it is a crucial safety feature!