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Allure Freestanding Bio Fireplace Review

This great looking black Allure fireplace perfectly combines style and simplicity to create a smooth eye catching centrepiece which will seamlessly complete any room.

Allure biofire modern bio ethanol fire

This Bio Ethanol fireplace runs on oil only so you can’t use the gel fuel with it. It is designed to be floor mounted only and would look great on a nice slate hearth but can be placed on any hard surface anywhere in your home be that against a wall or even in the centre of a room.

One of the great features of this fireplace is that you can adjust the size of the flame using the dial on the underside. So you can have flames as small as 10cm or as big as 25cm depending on the effect (and amount of heat) you want.

Heat Output

You can expect to get 1-3kw of heat from this fireplace which is more than the typical amount that most bio ethanol fireplaces produce, this is in part due to it’s clever design which helps to reflect the heat out of the unit.

The heat output of course varies depending on what setting you have the flames on, the higher the flames the more heat output you can expect.


This Bio Ethanol fireplace is 50cm wide, 58cm tall and 41cm deep. Clearly This is by no means a huge fireplace but the way in which it is designed really accentuates the flame and makes it far more visible than it otherwise would be so even in a very large room it is plenty big enough to stand out as a stylish statement piece.

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Our Ranking

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